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Easy Rise® Table Return Policy

Shipping Damage

The customer is responsible for noting and notifying the shipper of any outward signs of shipping damage at the time the product is received by the customer. The customer shall be responsible for all costs including collection costs associated with shipping, handling and repair of any damage evidenced by such outwardly visible shipping damage and not covered by the carrier, if not suitably noted to the carrier’s representative at the time of delivery.”

Changes to Order

If the product is received undamaged, is correct and matches the order submitted and is determined to be free of defects, but the customer wishes to change the order after the product has been shipped by Dewees Enterprises, (DE), then the customer shall be responsible for payment of all shipping and handling charges and the repair or replacement cost of any and all damage to the product involved in the return to DE in addition to the cost of shipping and handling of the replacement unit or units and any collection costs in addition to any adjustments in the price of the revised order.

Order Cancellation

All orders received through this website or in hard copy form are considered to be final upon shipment of the product by DE. After the date of product shipment, any and all costs associated with order cancellation by the customer shall be promptly paid to DE by the customer in addition to a $200.00 restocking fee. If cancellation of the order is received by DE before the product ships, the customer’s payment will be refunded in full less a $100.00 cancellation fee.

Order Correction

Dewees Enterprises will absorb and pay all costs associated with the correction of any errors in filling customer orders and for correcting any product defects.