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Dewees Enterprises

P.O. Box 8
Pleasanton, CA 94566

President & CEO:

Thomas Gerret (Gerry) Dewees

I’m a retired professional mechanical engineer with 43 years experience designing and building packaging machinery for major manufacturing companies.

Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary:

Anne Bradt (Nancy) Dewees

I’m a retired Office Manager/Administrative Assistant, ex school teacher, church deacon and housewife (wife of the president)

Company Background:

In 1998 I retired after 43 years of making money for big companies. The “Dot Com” financial crash came along and half my retirement funds vanished! A couple months later Nancy lost her job as office manager/admin when her employer went to a “virtual office”! At this point we decided to try starting our own company to use (and benefit from) some of the skills we had developed over the years.

My father, who passed away in 1997, had always had an unrealized dream of starting a family company and calling it “Dewees Enterprises”; therefore, we chose that as our company name in his honor.

Since we had been involved in traveling in a motorhome for almost 30 years, we turned to the RV world for product ideas. We had heard lots of people express unhappiness with the cheaply made and difficult to use adjustable height tables they had bought for their RVs. We then began the design and development of an adjustable height table that would be sturdy and easy to use. We have invested a great deal of money and more than seven years of our time for the perfection of our “Easy Rise® Tables”. The final design bears little resemblance to the original one! We are proud of our tables and we feel confident that their design will serve you well.

During the development stage we came to realize that our Easy Rise® Tables, which we had developed for RV use, could also be used in many ways in the home. We listened to our customers and our #1620 “Back Saver” model, which allows the customer to work comfortably standing or sitting, was the result. The “Tilt Up Option”, which allows compact storage of your Easy Rise® Table, was another customer inspired addition to our product line.

A US patent has been granted on our unique table design which covers our clamping system, our guidance and support system and our sealed air charge system; our trade mark, “Easy Rise®”, is registered and we have full registration on federal, state and local levels.

If you have any questions about our adjusting tables or a specific adjusting table please contact us today!